Video: Seth Meyers Riffs on Greg Gianforte, Trump and the First Amendment

22 minutes ago
re: #83 Targetpractice Well, I can't really say. The term "spoiler" is what any third-party gets right until they win elections. We've had party collapses before from "spoilers" (the Federalists, the Whigs, &c). If the Libertarians were to continue to ...

Confirmed: The Investigation of Russian Interference Into the Election Is Now Focusing on Jared Kushner

Trump innermost circle
294Joe Bacon
4 hours, 18 minutes ago
re: #293 freetoken The Republican 24/7 Bullshit Machine is tightening it's grip on information. Just like Izvestia/TASS/Pravda did in the Soviet Union.'

And Now, a Joyful Video by Sergio Altamura Featuring the Masaka Kids: “Africa”

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re: #75 Anymouse re: #78 Anymouse re: #83 Decatur Deb To the best of my knowledge, the service that suffered the highest casualty rate during WWII was the merchant marine. It's a national disgrace that we no longer have more ...