Jacob Collier, Mahalia, Ty Dolla $Ign: “All I Need” (Live From the Lavatory)

88Joe Bacon 🌹
43 seconds ago
I felt like I needed to rewatch the 1965 Baldwin-Buckley debate this morning. I had to hear Baldwin speaking after the events of last night. His speech to the Oxford Union is more powerful now than it was then. I ...

All kinds of awesome.

Something Just Nice: James Taylor, American Standard: “As Easy as Rolling Off a Log”

98Anymouse 🌹🏡😷
2 days, 14 hours ago
re: #36 Charles Johnson Nebraska is accellerating. nebraska.maps.arcgis.com Total positive cases: 12,976 (%2B621, second-highest one day rise) Doubling rate: 21 days (accellerating) Deaths: 163 (%2B13, most in one day) Doubling rate: 21 days (accellerating)