The Bob Cesca Podcast: Cars and Hermit Crabs

334William Lewis
1 minute ago
re: #331 Scottish Dragon Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, dona eis requiem Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, dona eis requiem Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mund, dona eis requiem sempiternam. Amen

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Today’s program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob Cesca Show:

A Reminder From Samantha Bee: The Muslim Ban Is Still a Thing [VIDEO]

15 hours, 18 minutes ago
re: #47 HappyWarrior My first presidential vote was in 1972. I have always voted for the Democrat for president, but from Nixon to Romney in 2012, I have never felt that the guy I voted against did not have what ...

A Beautiful Solo Performance by Joey Dosik: “Competitive Streak”

Echoes of Todd Rundgren and Randy Newman
4 days, 19 hours ago
re: #318 Belafon To get balance you have to have a transition period where the favored get the message by being removed. Then the new power fills in and the old power group is forced to come back under new ...

Donald Trump and Candace Owens Cited as Inspiration for Horrific New Zealand Terror Attack

5 days, 21 hours ago
re: #255 Charles Johnson I thought good manners dictated the removal of hats while in the White House, or anywhere indoors for that matter...even tRUmp isn't wearing one of his MAGA comb-over covers.

Seth Meyers on the Corruption at the Highest Levels of Society: College Cheating Scandal and Paul Manafort’s Sentencing [VIDEO]

1 week ago
re: #345 freetoken Yeah, funny how nearly every RWNJ I've ever debated suddenly becomes a "veteran" when they're losing the argument. It's kind of like the right-wing equivalent of claiming to have seen The Ramones at CBGB's.

A Great “Some More News” Feature: What Does the United States Want to Do About Venezuela? [VIDEO]

366Colère Tueur de Lapin
1 week, 1 day ago
re: #307 The Vicious Babushka Here's a rabbi saying some seriously bigoted and ignorant shit. The anti-vaxx bit has infected leaders everywhere. Conspiracy theories can affect anyone and can lead to seriously stupid shit being said and done.