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Massachusetts Attorney General Exonerates Planned Parenthood of Bogus “Baby Parts” Smear Campaign
The fanatics’ lies are falling apart
22 seconds ago
re: #60 goddamnedfrank I'm an old lady and am fortunate to have a younger husband and even younger strapping young men neighbors who are very happy to perform the wood sawing and stacking for me. I'll just leave it at ...
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A couple of days ago Indiana’s Department of Health exonerated Planned Parenthood of the spurious right wing charge that they profit from the sale of “baby parts.” (To use the deliberately grotesque phrase being endlessly repeated by anti-choice fanatics.) And Planned Parenthood has also been exonerated of these false …

Anti-Choice Fanatics Used Fake California IDs to Film Planned Parenthood - Now We Have Proof
Fighting back against the smear merchants
211Great White Snark
4 hours, 22 minutes ago
re: #194 #FergusonFireside Too big for me too in some ways. Of course they do have their own PR but sometimes a independent efforts get a little more credibility. I think the parts I'm missing now are a couple interviews ...
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Donald Trump on Climate Change: It’s Just ‘Bad Weather’
One more member of the party of science denial
444unproven innocence
2 days, 12 hours ago
re: #382 No Country For Old Haters I've had an Acer laptop running W7 for about 3yrs, and I've had very few problems, but just a few days ago, the cooling fan totally stopped working. All options in all power ...
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Podcast o’ the Evening: The Bob and Chez Show, 7/28/15
Donald Trump wants Sarah Palin in his cabinet
3 days, 2 hours ago
re: #526 Backwoods_Sleuth Well, mine's been psycho since the day I bought it. Have done restore. Have uninstalled and reinstalled--still f'd up. It DID just update with 7 aps I didn't want, and, for some reason, uninstalled Dropbox. ARgggghhh. It's ...
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Juli Hansen /
Breitbart: Mike Huckabee “Articulates Conservative Principles” by Equating Iran Deal to the Holocaust
“Conservative principles and values” = equating opponents to Nazis
5 days, 11 hours ago
re: #330 Kragar Condolences in advance, Kragar. This stuff is very hard. Take care of yourself-I know you have already said your goodbyes.
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The Stunning Hypocrisy of Breitbart Manbaby John Nolte
These people are not right in the head
5 days, 4 hours ago
My litmus test on who I accept as friends on Facebook has gotten very simple: Do they "like" Brietbart, Convicted Felon Dinesh D'Souza, Red State, or any of those ridiculous sites? If so, we don't need to go any further ...
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Anti-Choice Groups Work With ALEC to Require “Fetal Death Certificates” for Miscarriages, Prevent Tissue Donations
Religious fanatics and Republicans, working to take America back to the Dark Ages
337Decatur Deb
5 days, 23 hours ago
re: #336 CleverToad I was thinking that--the afro rake. It makes sense, if the woman had the right kind of hair.
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Chuck Todd Invites Racist Paleocon Caveman Pat Buchanan to “Meet the Press”
5 days, 1 hour ago
Buchanan is something of a gateway drug to the far right. An acquaintance of mine from the music business took a shine to Pat when he became interested in politics following recovery from addiction. Steve Sailer, AmRen and more of ...
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