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Kasich Bails; the Trumpenstein Reigns Supreme in Wingnutland

The GOP is finished
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Does he realize it's too late to file for a third party in most states? And a lot of states don't allow write ins. @owillis — aceoaces (@aceoaces) May 4, 2016

He was hopelessly outgunned from the start, posing as a “moderate Republican” (he isn’t; he’s as extreme as Ted Cruz on social issues), and now the last obstacle to the Trumpenstein’s domination of the right wing universe is gone.

They’re All Whacked: Ted Cruz Staffer Calls Trump “Hillary Clinton With a Penis”

Republicans say the weirdest things
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re: #106 Backwoods_Sleuth One of my co-workers was on the plane with 50 Cent after he was in Cincinnati promoting the vodka earlier this week. Small world. Hi all, taking a tiny break from working on the mother of all ...
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Florida GOP Chairman: Clinton Will ‘Go Down Like Monica Lewinsky’

5 days, 15 hours ago
re: #69 HappyWarrior While I didn't agree with his politics, I always saw Boehner as an honorable man who wanted to play ball but was forever hamstrung by the wingnuts in his party. I'm willing to bet there wasn't a ...

Quote of the Day: Former House Speaker John Boehner Calls Ted Cruz “Lucifer in the Flesh”

“I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life”
199Decatur Deb
5 days, 19 hours ago
Back from a Baja Alabama Democrat meeting. Spirits have never been this good. (We actually sang fuckn' Happy Days Are Here Again. There is absolute determination to work hard for whichever Dem gets the nomination.