The Bob & Chez Show: Woody Johnson’s Apparatus

1 minute ago
re: #20 goddamnedfrank Indeed, they are deceptive and want a horse race, but they also aggregate a bunch of polling so it becomes a one-stop shop. Better than no information at all. Still, for those worried about how November will ...

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Today’s program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob & Chez Show (with bonus shout-outs to LGF):

James O'Keefe in a crude Osama bin Laden costume, crossing the US-Mexico border

That Time When James O’Keefe Forgot to Hang Up the Phone and Ended Up Stinging Himself

Massive fail of the month
3 days, 12 hours ago
re: #145 jaunte Has there been a case since this "crisis" began of someone stopping an actual transperson from entering a restroom?