Pedal Steel Like You’ve Never Seen It Before: Roosevelt Collier, “Supernatural Encounters”

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2 minutes ago
re: #288 Varek Raith I know how curling is played, but trying to explain it to her (simply, without the strategy, just the rules) was too much: I'm going to watch Hulu instead. She was also unaware that northern tier ...

The Bob Cesca Show: Very Weapons Talented

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4 hours, 21 minutes ago
re: #370 SteelPH Superman's been written a bunch of different ways. I love bright, shiny Superman (particularly the DCAU version and the "All-Star Superman" version). But he's also been used...generally in alt-universe make a point about a the way ...

Stephen Colbert Is Savagely Funny in This One: The Kids From Florida Aren’t Acting

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re: #309 Belafon "Show of hands of any non-white members here: Is this bullshit strong enough to power rockets?" I qualify, and I'm more than willing to weigh in on this BS. First, few, if any, of these gun nuts ...

Watch Live: Trump’s “Listening Session” With High School Students and Teachers

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re: #283 FormerDirtDart "As someone who campaigned hard for Secretary Clinton..." WTF? Has Bernie been taking GOP lessons in lying your ass off. Every time he says something he reminds me why I would never have voted for him.

Stephen Colbert: If Politicians Won’t Take Action, These High Schoolers Will

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re: #430 makeitstop Another point in favor of having this 'debate' is that the kids will be face to face with cold-blooded absolute evil in the form of Ms. Dana. That will be a valuable experience.

Lawsuit Filed Against Chuck C. Johnson, Jim Hoft, Paul Nehlen, Gavin McInnes and Others for Falsely Linking Michigan Men to Charlottesville Attack

Consequences for spreading malicious fake news
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re: #16 Backwoods_Sleuth As several people pointed out, she and her classmates are the generation that grew up in the shadow of Columbine. They've been dealing with this literally all their lives. Now, it's personal.