Trump’s Staff Finally Responds to Portland White Supremacist Murders

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re: #38 Stanley Sea Oh, I'm here (and ready to barf.) Good to know spokesmodel Hope has such glowing opinions of the yam. Wow--from being a model and PR flack for Ivanka to being the yam's main cheerleader. What a ...

Today Donald Trump’s staff finally tweeted something for him, denouncing the murders in Portland Oregon by a white supremacist. We know this came from his staff and not from Trump himself, because: It came from his official @POTUS account, and was not echoed with his personal account, as he almost …

Trump Returns From Europe, Immediately Goes on Rage-Tweeting Binge

There’s something seriously wrong with the man in the White House
439Patricia Kayden
18 hours, 59 minutes ago
re: #209 Anymouse Thank you! Why the media is so fascinated with Trump voters and only Trump voters is beyond me. There was never any similar fascination with Obama supporters.