Seth Meyers: Trump’s Secret Positive COVID Test; GOP’s Omicron Conspiracy Theories

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This is just speculation, but I've been wondering what, if any, standard the Court might set if they decide to treat women as something more than "earthen vessels" and preserve some shred of bodily autonomy when they reverse Roe v. ...
Jim Hoft (r), owner of the far right fake news blog Gateway Pundit

Far Right Conspiracy Site “Gateway Pundit” Sued by Georgia Election Workers

9 hours, 32 minutes ago
re: #224 Jay C re: #224 Jay C I've heard conservatives saying "It was a long time ago. she's an old woman, leave her alone." We're still arresting old men in their nineties for WW2 crimes.

The White Stripes in 2001: “Screwdriver” (Live on the Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn)

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re: #417 Eventual Carrion Ha! This is exactly how it was in our house. I had my albums on a shelf below the shelf with the tuner and turntable with speakers on either side (the shelves were just some boards ...