Samantha Bee on the Good & the Ugly: GA Primaries & Abortion Restrictions

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'I didn't have scandals,' @BarackObama seemingly jokes in tech conference talk. — Fox News (@FoxNews) May 25, 2018 He wasn't joking. — Stonekettle (@Stonekettle) May 25, 2018

So Much Winning: After Touting Himself for the Nobel Peace Prize and Commissioning Medals, Trump Cancels Nuclear Summit With Kim Jong Un

The president is an idiot
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Rudy Giuliani said Trump is more likely to eventually sit down with Kim Jong Un than with Robert Mueller: "At least they’re not going to try to trap him into Korean perjury.” — Philip Rucker (@PhilipRucker) May 24, ...

Stephen Colbert: Trump Hates White House Leaks, According to White House Leaks

The comedians continue to have more accurate takes on the news than journalists
343Dave In Austin
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Julie won her Primary runoff last night. She is totally unfunded and is up against an ingrained Koch Bot Roger Williams. If you can afford a dollar or 5, I and more like up would be appreciative. It doesn't happen ...

A Wild Music Video From Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay’s New Project, LUMP: “Curse of the Contemporary”

398Romantic Heretic
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re: #390 HappyWarrior It's the individual's soul that gives the blood taste. So, paradoxically, each person tastes different but the same. They can find some people less than tasty, like the serial rapist/killer that mistook Diane for prey. She still ...

New From Seth Meyers: Trump Deals With New Russia and Michael Cohen Bombshells

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re: #572 Joe Bacon 🌹 our rhythm guitarist at the time, of southern baptist roots, got prayed for on one of these evangelical "rock is evil" television shows. I have no idea why they were praying for the rhythm guitarist. ...

Wednesday Night Badass Jam: Roosevelt Collier Rockin’ Pedal Steel: “Happy Feet”

420Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
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This is bigger than Watergate, but not just because you’ve been caught. You can try to project your scandal onto the good people who caught you, but only the fools and nuts who still support you will fall for ...