WATCH LIVE: Joe Biden Introduces Members of His Science Team

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re: #132 makeitstop Yeah, a friend of mine in NY is trying to make an appt. for her 90 year old uncle and when she works her way through all the boxes to check it tells her he doesn't qualify... ...

I actually got a little choked up at the thought of a president who values science; that’s how traumatizing the Trump years have been. It’s amazing to see this powerful emphasis on science. I’ve been waiting for this my whole life.

Seth Meyers: After Second Impeachment, Trump Begins Moving Out of White House

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re: #187 Anymouse 🌹🏡😷 it's a little editorializing on the part of the gospel writer. A major, attractive heresy of the day was that Jesus was simply God taking the form of a human, kind of like Gandalf being an ...

And Now, the Second Impeachment of Donald Trump

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re: #453 🌹UOJB! In my opinion, in America Christianity became entwined with white supremacy in the years before the Civil War. Especially in The South. Slavery was the source of The South's wealth and as is usually the case, religion ...

Colbert: The Terrorists Who Attacked Congress at the President’s Direction Came Prepared to Kill

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re: #130 The Ghost of a Flea A long time back British TV got into producing "ethnic" sitcoms. One such series was about a Indian family in Britain who ran a restaurant named "The Jewel In India's Passage" which probably ...