John Oliver Fixes His Pitiless (Yet Hilarious) Gaze On: Utilities

274Jack Burton in Mactified Forshion
1 minute ago
re: #208 danarchy How does one become a billionaire and not understand economics? I'd like him to explain how an infrastructure bill that paid for itself added to inflation. Seriously. All the COVID relief given out for the entirety of ...

Tiny Desk (Home) Concert: Canada’s Incredible ARC Ensemble Plays Music by Ukrainian Jewish Composer Dmitri Klebanov

295John Hughes
4 days, 13 hours ago
re: #155 Shropshire Slasher Every bit of food someone else doesn't get from Russia and China increases prices in the US even if the US imports no food at all from Russia and China. Ever bit of energy... Every bit ...

Seth Meyers: Rudy Giuliani Dodges Jan. 6 Investigation; Trump Calls Pence a “F___ing Loser”

54Hecuba's daughter
1 week ago
From downstairs: re: #209 Dangerman Interesting article by Steve Schmidt but I do have at least one criticism: he tries to downplay his role in the disastrous Sarah Palin selection. He admits to being the one to suggest her for ...