WATCH LIVE: Trump’s Press Secretary Makes Some Kind of Weird Statement

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SNL is going to have fun with Spicer though. And Spicer I imagine will have the same reaction Trump does. Maybe we should crowdfund and get them safe spaces. Yes, I'm enjoying the idea of using the shit they mock ...

The word is that no questions will be allowed. UPDATE at 1/21/17 3:28:07 pm by Charles Johnson Sean Spicer was more than an hour and a half late; his statement begins at 1:33:20 into this video, and it’s really stunning. He just rages at the press, and lies blatantly …

The FBI and 5 Other Agencies Are Investigating Russia’s Efforts to Help Donald Trump Gain Power

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re: #142 jaunte Hope the Spaghetti Warehouse is ok. I loved that place when I lived in Houston and worked downtown. 2nd shift we would get a big takeout order from them for dinner sometimes. Good food.

Green Day’s Powerful New Video for “Troubled Times”

4 days ago
So really--we're expected to endure four years of this incessant infantile whining? Personally, I don't have the stomach for listening to 1,460 days of this idiot narcissist's non-stop, semi-literate, self-absorbed melodrama. Not gonna subject myself to it. NOPE.

Taking Reggae to the Next Level: Mike Love - Live Session @ Le Sofa

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re: #339 Hecuba's daughter Show me the ones who pushed back against Trump's demonization & scapegoating of American Muslims—not to mention his obvious lies about thousands cheering on 9/11, his disrespect for the Muslim Gold Star family and his call ...