And Now for Something Totally Bizarre: De Staat, “Witch Doctor”

88Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
36 seconds ago
re: #85 wheat-dogg I still like the anecdote that involves W.C Fields sitting on his deathbed and reading feverishly through the Bible: "I can't believe that you would find religion at this late date," a friend remarked. "Religion, Hell!" Fields ...

Trump Horror, Day 28: Labels the Press “The Enemy of the American People”

And commits a possible violation of the Presidential Records Act
19 hours, 49 minutes ago
re: #232 HappyWarrior Yep. I lost a sister because of this. She wasn't a Trump supporter or voter. She's just a Trump-supporter apologist. Worried that I've offended her husband and some cousins. Fuck 'em. Everybody else in the family had ...

A Bombshell From the NY Times: The Trump Gang Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence During the Campaign

Feces makes contact with rotating wind circulator
3 days, 22 hours ago
re: #26 Myron Falwell Well, the first thing might be pushing onto McConnell's and Ryan's Twitter feeds: What did you know and when did you know it? Start impugning their so-called impartiality? It's not even fake news or JAQing off. ...