Federal Judge Denies David Daleiden’s Attempt to Lift TRO, Citing “Deceitful Lengths”

They’re having their day in court, and it isn’t going well
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After reading the Newsweek article on the rise of right-wing extremists and the accompanying comments, I started to think about the matter of perceptions. All extremist terrorists are patriots and heroes to their partisans. So the Bundyians are forcing us ...
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The hits keep on comin’ for the dishonest anti-choice activists of the Center for Medical Progress and their indicted head David Daleiden (shown above). Today in San Francisco, federal judge William Orrick issued an injunction stopping the activists from releasing any more of their deceptively edited “sting” videos. Judge …

Anti-Choice Video Maker David Daleiden Turns Himself in to Face Felony Charge

He plans to turn down a probation deal and wants an apology instead
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re: #428 b_sharp No pics, but apologies in advance anyway. A few months back, discovered a tick that had settled in under the nail of my middle toe. Eviction was eventually successful, but not fun.
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Ted Cruz Supporter Phil Robertson: “Rid the Earth Of” Gay Marriage Supporters

Cruz calls him “joyful”
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re: #208 Brian J. Oh thanks. Now this went through my brain: Trumpty Dumpy wanted a wall Trumpty Dumpy, human hairball All of the asses and fat wealthy men couldn't put GOP back in their pen
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