Bloomberg News Falls for Fake Story About Nancy Reagan Endorsing Hillary Clinton

This isn’t “satire,” it’s deception
4/10/15 8:27:08 pm
re: #74 Justanotherhuman I sure remember this song, listing to it while getting ready for work speeding my fucking head off.

So today, this happened: Bloomberg News fell for a fake news story originally posted at one of those awful sites that plays on confirmation bias to circulate seemingly genuine stories and generate clicks for them: RETRACTED: Nancy Reagan Gives Her Endorsement to … Hillary Clinton? - Bloomberg Politics. There’s now …

ZOMG, Hamas Hangs Young Kids on Fence to use as Human Shields!

Or, people will believe ANY damned thing
8/05/14 9:23:42 am
re: #160 Charles Johnson You were very, very wise to run away screaming from the right-wingers when you did. It's a pity that some of the people who were here during the process didn't learn from your experience and are ...

About That So-Called ‘Pallywood’ Video…

11/18/12 3:30:52 pm
re: #356 Kronocide Every overstatement will be leapt upon. The fable of the boy who cried wolf is apt. Scientists need to continue saying exactly what they know about the trend and about the dangers. No more, as well as ...