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Bill Moyers With Andrew Bacevich on the Travesty of "Preventive" War

Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 4:40:21 pm
Vimeo As we're being drawn yet again into the mess created by the Bush administration's disastrous war of choice in Iraq, here are some interesting and very pertinent comments from Bill Moyers and Andrew Bacevich on the immoral nature of "preventive" war. BILL MOYERS: What is it about how we go ...

A Great Video From Bill Moyers on GOP Politicians Who Deny Climate Change and Evolution

Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 5:15:53 pm
Vimeo Bill Moyers takes on radical-right Republicans for denying the science behind evolution and climate change, showing a video clip of Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA), chairman of oversight and investigations for the Science, Space and Technology Committee of the US House of Representatives, who says evolution is a lie "straight ...

The Creeping Expansion of Corporate Civil Rights

Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 6:17:12 pm
This article provides a brief but fascinating history of the corporate quest for civil (personhood) rights and how dangerous it is to our democracy. (I had no idea it goes all the way back to the end of the Civil War/beginning of the Gilded Age!) Last week, The Wire creator ...

Bill Moyers Essay: On the Sabotage of Democracy

Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 10:41:13 am
Vimeo This week's government shutdown has consequences for all of us, costing an estimated $300 million each day that the government is closed for business. Many Americans have voiced their frustrations with the fallout from the shutdown on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hash tag #DearCongress. Here, Bill Moyers ...

Video: Bill Moyers With Zack Kopplin - Fighting Creeping Creationism

Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 12:33:57 pm
Anti-creationism activist Zack Kopplin joins Bill to talk about fighting laws and voucher programs that let publicly-funded creationist curriculum in the back door of American classrooms. Also on the program, journalist and historian Susan Jacoby talks about the role secularism and intellectual curiosity have played throughout America's history. Also ...

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