Officer Darren Wilson Says He Has a Clean Conscience and Wouldn’t Do Anything Differently

“Feared for his life”
US News • Views: 4,910


George Stephanopoulos apparently won the media competition to interview officer Darren Wilson. In a preview of the interview, Stephanopoulos says Wilson told him that although he was sorry for the loss of Michael Brown’s life, he “would not do anything different that day” and has a clean conscience about what happened.

And by the way, ABC News says they did not pay for the interview.

His Fraudulent Story Exposed, Jim Hoft Tries to Edit History

Right wing blogger ethics
Wingnuts • Views: 6,026

Right wing blogger Jim Hoft’s bogus claim on August 19 that officer Darren Wilson suffered an “orbital blowout fracture of the eye socket” at the hands of Michael Brown was shared on Facebook almost 900,000 times, and Hoft has continued to relentlessly repeat this claim for months, in post after rabble-rousing post at Gateway Pundit.

Then, the photos of Darren Wilson’s real facial injuries were released (and showed only very slight reddening on one side of his face):

“Severe facial contusions?”

How does the Stupidest and Most Unethical Man on the Internet react? By going back to that original post and completely wiping it out, even changing the title: UPDATE: Officer Darren Wilson Suffered Severe Facial Contusions After Severe Beating During Mike Brown Attack | the Gateway Pundit.

Notice that the URL still contains the original title: “breaking-report-po-darren-wilson-suffered-orbital-blowout-fracture-to-eye-socket-during-encounter-with-mike-brown”.

The new text he added:


The medical report was released after the jury decision was announced.

Darren Wilson suffered severe contusions after he was beat in the head by Michael Brown.

The police Report is here.

We previously reported that Officer Wilson suffered and [sic] orbital eye-socket fracture. It now appears he suffered severe bruising but no fracture.

Here’s a screenshot of Hoft’s original post:

And here’s what it looks like now:

So rather than publishing a retraction in a new post people won’t miss, Hoft has hidden his acknowledgment that he was pushing a fake story in a 4-month old post he thinks almost no one will see, and still vastly exaggerates Wilson’s injuries as “severe facial contusions” from a “severe beating.”

“Sleazy” doesn’t even begin to describe this. It’s a completely unacceptable way to correct a false story that has done an incredible amount to poison the well of public opinion.


Racism, Discrimination and Privilege

And the common sense to distinguish between them
Opinion • Views: 5,688

I have known and seen racism and discrimination. I have known and experienced privilege.

And I have the common sense to distinguish between the two.

Ferguson is a place that is riddled with racism and discrimination. The police are known by all to engage in discrimination and racism. The state has disbanded police departments for racism and other malfeasance. Darren Wilson belonged to one such department to start his career. He came to Ferguson where the Department has long had issues in policing the community. All but a handful of officers are white in a community that is overwhelmingly black.

Blacks are stopped far more frequently than white (when adjusting per capita). That’s despite fact that whites that are stopped are found to have contraband in higher rates.

In this respect, Ferguson is hardly alone. Many other communities around the St. Louis region (and indeed nationally) face the same problems.

But the specifics of this case are exceptionally troubling. Only Officer Wilson was able to speak to what happened - and it was couched from the outset that he feared for his life when he stopped Brown. Both were the same height (Brown had 70 pounds on him). All the shots were fired by Wilson. And Brown lay dead more than 150 feet from the vehicle, in about a minute after the stop was initiated by Wilson.

All the eyewitness evidence was disregarded or minimized by the fact that Wilson feared for his life. That there’s no bruising apparent from the photos taken hours later. Yet, he thought he was a punch or two from being disabled?

Continue reading…

The Final Word on Jim Hoft’s “Fractured Eye Socket” Hoax

Vindication for LGF
US News • Views: 14,528

If he has even a shred of integrity Jim Hoft will finally retract his bogus claims about Darren Wilson’s “fractured eye socket,” but I don’t expect him to do that. These photos of Wilson from the grand jury evidence are the final word on this dishonest story.


Watch Live: Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

US News • Views: 13,068


Here’s the live video of Bob McCullogh’s statement on the Darren Wilson grand jury decision.

Darren Wilson Grand Jury Decision Watch

US News • Views: 12,986

People are beginning to fill the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, as the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office prepares to release the results of the grand jury investigation into Darren Wilson’s shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. We’re expecting the announcement at 8 pm Central time.

Ferguson Grand Jury Announcement Expected Today

US News • Views: 17,390


Looks like today’s the day; the Ferguson grand jury decision is expected to be announced soon.

Here’s a thread to keep up on news; I’ll be very surprised if Darren Wilson faces charges for his killing of Michael Brown. I think the fix has been in from the start.

CNN’s Brian Stelter: Officer Darren Wilson Holding Secret Meetings With Media Bigwigs

You knew this was coming
Media • Views: 21,951


Brian speaks with Inside Edition’s Jim Moret about secret, off-the-record meetings between reporters and Darren Wilson.

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars Bring the Uptown Funk to SNL

Uptown funk in midtown Manhattan
Music • Views: 20,645


When I posted the official video yesterday for this galactically funky song by the Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars project I had no idea they were scheduled to be on Saturday Night Live that night, but here’s their great live performance to compare to the video.

(This sounds so clean I suspect some of the backing parts may have been pre-recorded.)

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