A Creationist Museum in California

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Remember the film “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure,” in which Pee Wee Herman visited a California roadside attraction that featured giant concrete dinosaurs?

Well, that roadside attraction on Highway 10 near Cabazon, formerly known as “Claude Bell’s Dinosaurs,” has now been bought out by fanatics who’ve turned it into a creationist museum.

Long time LGF reader “Ringo the Gringo” visited this place recently, and filed a must-see photo essay at Ringo’s Pictures: The Lion, The Lamb and The Velociraptor - Cabazon, March 2009.

How crazy is it?

Here’s their vision of an 11th century crusader, trying to chase away an angry Tyrannosaurus Rex by throwing rocks at it.

There’s more. This only scratches the surface of the crazy. Read the whole thing…

Ringo sums it up:

I didn’t drag my family all the way out here simply to poke fun at a goofy, creationist roadside attraction. In fact the people who were working at this place were sincerely nice folks. It was also not my intent to ridicule their religion. But still I felt compelled to photograph this place and share the pictures on my website. Why?

The reason is that there are those who would have this type of “creation science” taught in American public schools as part of the science curriculum… And most of the people pushing for this are members of the Republican Party; the party of which I am a member.

States such as Texas and Louisiana have already passed legislation which would allow this type on nonsense to be introduced in to publicly funded schools and promoted as valid “science”, equal to legitimate scientific theories regarding, not only evolution, but also geology, biology, astronomy and even archeology! To me this is beyond embarrassing, it’s a travesty.

The governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, who was selected to give the Republican rebuttal to President Obama’s recent speech before Congress, is a strong proponent of introducing this kind of phony science in public schools. He is also often referred to as “the future of the Republican Party”… Well, if Jindal really is the future of the Party, then it’ll have to be a Party without me.

And so that is why I post these pictures; to offer a little bit of visual proof of the nutty - and clearly religious - ideas that are at the very core of the pseudo-science known as “creation science”.

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Last updated: 2021-06-05 12:51 pm PDT
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