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1 elizajane  Mar 3, 2015 9:47:57am

55,000 e-mails went to the Republicans months ago? And I do not believe these were the first e-mail records that the Benghazi investigators have seen, either. So please, somebody, explain to me — did they never notice the that the messages had not been sent from a .gov account? Really? If this is such a criminal offense, why have they not been shouting it from the rooftops before the NYT, of all places, wrote an article on it?

2 SoCaroLion  Mar 3, 2015 9:56:20am

Regardless of the tiresome politics, isn’t it interesting that the United States Secretary of State didn’t have an official .gov email address?


Lisa P. Jack…I mean, “Richard Windsor”

3 John Vreeland  Mar 3, 2015 10:44:53am

lots of people lacked a gov email address in the gov, especially if they had already set up a secure account as the Clintons seemed to have, via a private server. Govt email has no advantages for the user.

Anyway, if this makes HC look bad then Jeb Bush should resign as governor and leave public life for good, as he just doxxed tens of thousands of Floridians—some minors, including in many cases SSN’s and medical histories—on his campaign website. His reaction when confronted was essentially “Meh, it’s legal.”

4 BishopX  Mar 3, 2015 6:42:23pm

Romney did this too…just a little differently. He had his people buy their hard drives from the state government as depreciated goods when he left office as governor of MA. Turns out centralized record keeping was a little bit lacking…

5 MPH  Mar 3, 2015 7:10:44pm

Looking forward to the official Charles Johnson whitewash,

6 Charles Johnson  Mar 3, 2015 8:50:41pm

re: #5 MPH

Looking forward to the official Charles Johnson whitewash,


Maybe you’d prefer the official Michael Tomasky whitewash instead?

Or how about the official Bob Cesca whitewash?

7 jaunte  Mar 3, 2015 8:55:21pm

re: #6 Charles Johnson

5) The article confirms that Clinton’s office turned over “55,000 pages of emails” to the State Department. They allegedly didn’t turn over all emails, but 55,000 pages is a lot.

55,000 reasons to be glad I’m not one of Trey Gowdy’s staffers.

8 Charles Johnson  Mar 3, 2015 9:08:17pm

And oddly enough, I’m really not a fan of Hillary Clinton for president. At all. But I can recognize a smear when I see one.

9 subterraneanhomesickalien  Mar 3, 2015 11:22:23pm

re: #5 MPH

From your photo you look like a Very Serious Man.

Also like a very sanctimonious and overly self serious douche.

Smile more.

10 danarchy  Mar 4, 2015 7:27:15am

What really amazes me is that it isn’t standard policy at every level of government that government business can only be conducted with official government email accounts. As a Network Consultant/Sysadmin I’ve worked with hundreds of companies over the years and none of them for legal and compliance issues would allow employees to conduct business on a private account.

Even if she or Jeb or whoever has a “secure” personal server, the government has zero control over that server. They don’t control backup or retention on that server. If they request all emails from a certain time period they have no way to verify that they are getting everything except for the server admin’s word. Even if they get subpoenas if the admin isn’t following best practices it is entirely possible there is email that has been deleted and doesn’t exist on any backup.

11 Decatur Deb  Mar 4, 2015 7:49:25am

Even on .mil machines, after we finally realized it might be a good thing to keep all those pesky emails, archiving it was the responsibility of some IT priestling. I almost never made backup copies of my stuff, even when the system configuration and security regs would let me.

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