The time is right.

lawhawk10/03/2013 8:12:40 am PDT

The ACA was enacted in the version it was because the GOP refused to accept even this basic improvement to the state of access to health insurance. That it still leaves millions without access to health insurance is something that deserves to be fixed going forward, but the GOP isn’t interested in fixing the ACA.

Their entire strategy is defund, delay, and destroy.

They are not interested in fixes.

They are not interested in expanding access to health insurance.

They are looking to deny the millions who would have health insurance under this program that opportunity.

They are looking to roll back the end to lifetime limits on insurance and the preexisting conditions exclusions.

They are not about to fix the ACA.

And with that in mind, there’s no reason for Democrats, let alone President Obama to consider anything offered up by the GOP that would delay the ACA.

Better is not the opposite of perfect. In a perfect world, we’d have access to health insurance for all Americans. But we’re not in a perfect world. We’re in a world where millions have no access to health insurance. The ACA begins to address this with health exchanges modeled on the Massachusetts model that was enacted by Mitt Romney.

That model has worked on bringing down the number of uninsureds in the state to 4%. Most other states are at or above 10%. States like California, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and New Mexico have 20% or more of their population who are uninsured.

Those are the states that would benefit most from expanding access to health insurance, but it is some of their representatives - at the state and federal level - who are most vehemently opposed to the ACA.