Misleading Reporting on the Arab-Israel Conflict, BBC-Style

SilentAlfa3/24/2011 4:28:20 pm PDT

On Wednesday, a bomb left at a bus stop in Jerusalem killed one person and wounded many others. No group has said it carried out that attack. “

“A bomb is inanimate. It is placed. Deliberately. It is then detonated. By a person. But no matter. No group claimed the bomb, so to the BBC it came to life, Golem-life, and attacked people”

Actually here is what happened: On wednesday, somebody left a bomb at a bus stop and it killed one person and injured a whole bunch of others. Then, no terrorist group or otherwise claimed responsibility. Then BBC reported exactly that (because that’s exactly what happened).

Don’t think I see your point with the last one, what was BBC supposed to report? They reported exactly what they knew at the time. Nobody claimed responsibility, so BBC reports nobody claims responsibility, so this somehow proves that BBC has an anti-israel agenda?

” Next, BBC’s reminds us that Israel likes to invade Gaza:
‘Exchanges since Saturday have been among the most serious since Israel’s major offensive in the coastal strip between December 2008 and January 2009. Gaza has been run by the Islamist Hamas movement since 2007. ’ “

Is this information false? If it’s not false, it’s not really misleading (IMHO), and it paints Israel in a fairly neutral light.