Scary Jew Shadow Threatens Mosque

sliv_the_eli5/27/2011 9:09:27 am PDT

re: #8 LudwigVanQuixote

Of course many do feel that way. They are annoyed that we don’t just give a little more… how much.. all of it.

The Jews here and everywhare need to be very clear about certain points.

We did not get our homeland as a consolation prize for past suffering. It was not given us by the nations.

It is our actual homeland. It is not anyone else’s to give or take from us. We lived their, bled there and toiled there for thousands of years.

When we offered peace in 48 and just a tiny sliver of what was rightfully ours, Arab armies with the chant of murdering all of us started and lost a war. And then again and again. We paid for what is ours with our blood.

It is not theirs.

Our holy sites are not theirs. It odes not matter that they wish to co-opt them or that their faiths feel the need to mooch authority from us. We are the first Abraham people, the very sons and daughters of him.

It is not theirs.

They have no right by history or law or faith to claim it. They have no right by force of arms either yet continue to wage war against us.

It is not theirs.

If we do not start as Jews saying this loudly and clearly, all those who do not know, will think that maybe it is theirs.

I agree with the sentiment. That said, the said reality is that the views of many toward Israel will be unaffected by what we say, since it is merely a projection onto the State of Israel of the blind anti-Semitism that was directed against individual Jews and Diaspora Jewish communities for 2,000 years before the modern State arose in the face of the Arabs’ attempt to wipe it out. It is more important, therefore, in my view, that we act upon those sentiments regardless of whether our reiteration of them convinces anyone of their truth.