Why Israel had many fewer civilian casualties than Gaza

EiMitch11/27/2012 9:08:20 pm PST

re: #6 EiMitch

Wtf?! Didn’t you just say you didn’t trust… I mean… Why would… **head explodes**

re: #9 kristina37

Sorry, don’t understand your comment. Don’t trust what?

Not only did you completely miss the point of the joke, you even made it the focus of your response?! …


**five minutes later**


**ten minutes later**


Thank you. No, really. I needed that.

For the rest of the post, you simply reiterated in long-form what you just said about Googling it.

And as for your response to War on Music, you spend alot of time talking about how he assumed you were equating Hamas with Gaza or the Palestinians or something. And then:

I used to spend a great deal of time and effort defending myself (and occasionally others) against false accusations. But I realize its a waste of time.