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Why do so many celebrities fall for this Scientology shit? At least the Kabbalah cult has some slight connection to an actual mainstream religion.

L. Ron Hubbard seems to have specifically targeted celebrities and caters to them as part of the effort to spread scientology:

Hubbard envisaged that celebrities would have a key role to play in the dissemination of Scientology, and in 1955 launched Project Celebrity, creating a list of 63 famous people that he asked his followers to target for conversion to Scientology.[267] Former silent-screen star Gloria Swanson and jazz pianist Dave Brubeck were among the earliest celebrities attracted to Hubbard’s teachings.[267][268]
Today, Scientology operates eight churches that are designated Celebrity Centers, the largest of these being the one in Hollywood.[269] Celebrity Centers are open to the general public, but are primarily designed to minister to celebrity Scientologists.[269] Entertainers such as John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Lisa Marie Presley, Nancy Cartwright, Jason Lee, Isaac Hayes, Edgar Winter, Tom Cruise, Chick Corea a

nd Katie Holmes have generated considerable publicity for Scientology