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Killgore Trout11/11/2009 10:45:09 am PST

re: #117 Sharmuta

The article does mention him a little further down…

Oktar’s work is easy to lampoon. Asked why biologists around the world espouse the theory of evolution, Oktar blames “a scientific dictatorship under the sway of Freemasonry.” The English biologist Richard Dawkins has pointed out that the original edition of the Atlas, among other basic errors, includes a photo of a fishing lure that it mistakenly identifies as an actual fly. And Oktar’s reputation has suffered in Turkey itself, where he is currently appealing a conviction for running a criminal organization.

But Oktar’s main concern - that evolution is the tool of atheists bent on destroying Islam - does resonate there and in other Muslim countries. Many of Oktar’s followers come from the young, urban, wealthy Turkish elite.