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albusteve6/17/2011 1:09:28 pm PDT

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And simply a bit too big and complex for a small group of hobbyists to build full-size reproductions to fly. (Or use some original parts and work from there like the Rhinebeck Airfield folk up in New York.)

I know the old CAF had one,,,it was flying cross country a number of years ago and could not get permission to land at Battle Creek so it came down in Kalamazoo…and you guessed it…we saw that one come in and land too, just by coincidence….we drove right over to it…and the crew st up their little info gig, we paid a few bucks and clamored around through it…no pic tho, and I don’t recall her name…at the time it might have been the only airborne 29….if I heard the name I’d probably remember it