Marvel Comics Introducing a Muslim Girl Superhero

jamesfirecat11/06/2013 12:23:04 pm PST

re: #132 SidewaysQuark

What evidence is there that they’re not simply unaware of the true underlying mechanism? And what’s the proof it was “intelligently” designed?
What’s the proof that such a “designer” can be constrained by the description of Islamic, Christian, Buddhist or any other mythology?

In other words, such a declaration leaves open more questions than it answers. As such, it leaves the absence of a theism (i.e. atheism) as the default choice.

Funny that theists use the fact that “our universe has order” as supposed “evidence” of a God. Now you’re using the fact that “the Marvel universe has no order” as “evidence” of a God there. Convolute the “reasoning” enough, you can pretend to argue just about ANYTHING is an argument for “God”.

It’s intelligently designed because there’s a guy in an office (or several guys/girls in several offices) writing what is going to happen next in the Marvel universe,

These human beings in our world intelligently (or untelligently if they feel like having Spider-Man go to their version of the devil to undo his marriage) design everything that happens in the Marvel universe.

Those human beings in our world determine everything that happens in the Marvel Universe.

If you have trouble understanding that/argue against it then we really are operating on different wavelengths.