Ten Commandments Monument Is Installed at Oklahoma State Capitol

Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)11/19/2012 7:06:57 am PST

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Moses of course is fictional but they claim Moses was an Egyptian so he worshipped the Egyptian pantheon.

No, he was Jewish, and that was obvious from the moment he was found by the princess.

Since he was adopted (his mother gave him up) he dishonored his Egyptian parents.

How’d he dishonor them?

Moses did more than kill an Egyptian, he ordered mass murder and child rape (war crimes/genocide) and theft of property.

Oh, is this just about the hypocrisy of God? Yeah, God was a big ol’ hypocrite, and war of any aggressive sort would be impossible if the commandments were followed literally.

Moses stole Egyptian gold from the temples before fleeing (I mean according to the legend since there was no Exodus).

That’s highly disputable. They were told to flee with their valuables, is the best translation. Even if they did ‘steal’, they were slaves at the time, so you could also accuse them of stealing themselves.

Moses falsely accused Egyptians of holding slaves to build temples. The Egyptian temples were not built by slave labor.

Hah! You’re fucking hilarious. You’re using the historical likelihood that Jews were not in slavery in the way described in the book of Moses to say that Moses— who probably didn’t exist— lied about the existence of slaves. So Moses (who didn’t exist) lied because he talked about slavery (that didn’t happen).

Fucking brilliant! This is better than most of Killgore’s stuff.

With that said, enshrining any words from that psychotic book known as “The Bible” written for a psychopathic (fictional) bat shit crazy god in the public sphere is troubling.

It’s pretty unconstitutional. Aside from the needlessly spiteful harangue included, a perfectly good point. Too bad you didn’t focus on that from the start instead of the deeply stupid attack on the non-existent Moses.