Marvel Comics Introducing a Muslim Girl Superhero

SidewaysQuark11/06/2013 1:06:48 pm PST

re: #140 Absalom, Absalom, Obdicut

Yes. They’re both definitions that would satisfy people who are already predisposed to believe them, but not otherwise. The ‘atheist’ explanation you offered is not better than any religious explanation.

No, you’re not getting it. The ‘atheist’ position is “I don’t know wtf is going on”. That’s the default position.

For me, as an atheist, an orderly universe is evidence for lack of design, because you can’t really have a disorderly universe that’s stable and remains in existence.

You mean, you can’t personally conceive of a disorderly universe that’s stable and remains in existence. That seems like a fallacy of argument from incredulity, to me.

You consistently are talking as though you’re not acknowledging that the Marvel universe is literally intelligently designed, or as though that is something that you don’t think would be discernible from inside that universe.

Of course it’s not discernible, because there’s always other possibilities, layer upon layer of them. Seems to me, in the Marvel Universe, one, if anything, would be MORE suspicious of any “revealed” God than in the real one.