Marvel Comics Introducing a Muslim Girl Superhero

ObserverArt11/06/2013 6:57:46 pm PST


Aren’t you being a fundamentalist too? Just in an opposite manner. And why all the strident comments? You could make a hell of a lot stronger point with less of them. And “being a jerk” is not the same as calling someone a jerk. One is descriptive of a person acting a certain way at a certain time and the other is a description of the persons character in general. Yeah, I know, it is a reading comprehension thing.

Now as far as some of what I think is your point. I came from a religious background, but that would be Catholic in the 60’s when it was quite liberal and trying to be open to all, etc. Everyday I would question a lot of the teachings and the fundamentals of those teachings. But I also learned some people need those and if their goals were good then it was good. I learned some fundamentals also give some a drive they might not get another way. Also good. And I feel the exact same way about anyone that is an atheist also has a drive from a different direction or motivation and they too can also have good goals. So to me it all comes down to the individual. And you seem to like grouping. I think that harms your debate as you tend to stridently generalize.

One other thing, you hung a lot of your argument on that bit about getting pregnant with a touch. Do you need take that so literally? What about taking it allegorically. Such as “these teens these days. It seems if they touch one another the girl gets pregnant.!” I would think even a few atheists might feel that way from time to time. As Dark Falcon points out, it is a concern for any parent or guardian of any teenager, fundamental or realist.

Add some polish to your argument, you might actually get people to consider it. I believe at the root you have merit in a decent discussion, but you aren’t allowing anyone to debate the point when they end up debating the debater character and motivations.

sorry for being so late to the thread. Just wanted to toss in. Hell, I’m always behind!