Fox News Commenters Respond to Common Story with Deluge of Racism and Hate

Locker5/11/2011 2:21:44 pm PDT

re: #157 LudwigVanQuixote

I’m a bit more romantic than that. Loving a woman really does make her beautiful.

To put it another way, objectively, there is better cooking than a certain cake my mom used to make when I was a boy. To me though, still the best cake int he world.

I live with a woman who is/was too pretty for her own well being. She doesn’t want or appreciate compliments and finds them very … hmm … “empty”. She can barely take any attention as she was so overwhelmed with unwanted sexual advances from 14 through ???.

Personally, I’d consider myself to be a ridiculous romantic but it just manifests differently in our particular relationship.