Scary Jew Shadow Threatens Mosque

sliv_the_eli5/27/2011 3:20:56 pm PDT

re: #14 marjoriemoon

You’re not saying anything wrong, of course. You are most correct and no Jew is happy about the Dome of Rock. But my issue, particularly when speaking in mixed company as we are online, is to try to be a bit more diplomatic about it. I know you feel some things don’t deserve that kind of diplomacy and you’re right about that, too, but my feeling is you’re not getting heard because of it. And that’s probably worse than taking the stand. A stand, btw, most Jews take anyway.

For the sake of diplomacy and the new and improved (greatly) LGF, I’m trying to be a bit more kinder and gentler.

Windsagio is my challenge. I’m almost to the point of giving up there. He doesn’t want to listen I’ve been more than gracious to him many many time which he fails to remember. Many of us have.

Marjorie: Please don’t despair. Even if windsagio never gets it, that are other posters and lurkers on LGF who may not have sufficient background and are interested in learning. That’s why I started posting a few months back, especially on matters involving Israel and the Middle East, after merely lurking for a number of years. If we can give even a few people a greater, and more accurate, understanding of the issues, we will have done the world a service.