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I still think China’s books are cooked…

Speaking of China…

U.S. Senators Accuse Chinese Regime for Hampering Military Parts Probe

The United States Senate Armed Services Committee wants to conduct independent investigations in China. That’s after a 2010 report revealed that counterfeit electronics are being found in the U.S. military’s supply chain. The Chinese regime has so far declined to issue visas to U.S. investigators to travel to the mainland.

Democratic Senator, and Chairman of the Armed Service Committee Carl Levin expressed his disappointed at the Chinese regime’s response. The most senior Republican on the panel, John McCain says an investigation into counterfeit electronics is also in the interest of China.

…The 2010 U.S. government report says counterfeit electronic parts had “infiltrated” the Pentagon’s supply chain. These include microprocessors for the F-15 fighter jet and microcircuits for U.S. Missile Defense Agency hardware.