Victims in the shadows - The ever present scourge of Bullying

laZardo8/12/2011 5:12:41 pm PDT

Didn’t you make a page like this earlier?

In any event, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that the bullies tend to win out more than the bullied later on in life. The jocks become the heroic laymen, the punks become today’s rockstars/underground idols. The nerds turn out as the villains of society for their success, CEOs, executives and the like if they don’t end up serving the “cool kids.”

I know this firsthand from going to one of two-or-three schools in my country that could get me into a college back Stateside. Eventually, when I did snap, I couldn’t follow through with it and got wailed on twice as hard and withdrawn (lest I stay and risk a lawsuit from the rich kids that did the wailing on). I ended up in a college where the degree is barely worth the paper it’s printing on and I’m hoping to live out my existence Stateside with what’s left of my dignity.

I do smile a bit inwardly whenever I hear stories of retaliatory violence. There is nothing so gratifying as vindication, if only second hand.

The kids aren’t alright. But what the fuck’re you gonna do about it?