The time is right.

dog philosopher ஐஒஔ௸10/03/2013 4:08:26 pm PDT

re: #19 francis

I want it fixed not repealed. I don’t understand why you see it otherwise or willing to settle for something less then the best.

well then i’ll lay it out for you as clearly as i can:

1. it barely squeaked through congress even when democrats had majorities in both houses

2. democrats no longer have majorities in both houses

3. powerful forces, not only republicans per se, want to kill any sort of health insurance reform

4. if we allow obamacare to be stopped or delayed, it will kill any type of health insurance reform for the foreseeable future

5. anybody helping to stop or delay obamacare, even if they are calling for improvements, only ends up helping the people who want to kill any improvements in health insurance

6. what i foresee is that if obamacare goes forward as planned, inevitably there will be adjustments and improvements as in any legislation of any complexity. if it is allowed to be killed or delayed, there is no prospect of any improvement in health insurance for the foreseeable future (yes i know i’m repeating myself but take a hint and get the point already)

7. francis, you claim to want to improve health insurance for all americans, but you continue to call for actions that would accomplish the opposite

got it?