Mississippi Gov. Refuses to Condemn KKK License Plate

Lidane2/16/2011 11:21:24 am PST

re: #196 celticdragon

What. The. Fuck. happened to Americans? What the hell destroyed our innate empathy and replaced it with something twisted and evil? How in the hell did the asshole Juror #10 from 12 Angry Men get to become a celebrated part of national dialogue?

Two things have converged:

1. 9/11 CHANGED EVERYTHING!!!11ty!!1!!1

2. The black guy with the African name beat the old white guy and became POTUS.

Toss both of those matches into the tinderbox that has always been race relations and the usual gender squabbles we have in this country, and the result is vile garbage like what we’re seeing from the GOP lately.