Marvel Comics Introducing a Muslim Girl Superhero

klys (maker of Silmarils)11/05/2013 9:45:33 pm PST

re: #21 SidewaysQuark

Thought the edit sounded more interesting. Why did you downding it? Do you approve of mothers thinking “touching someone” gets them pregnant? Do you love religious conservatism? Sounds extremely messed up to me.

Again, would be nice if the story shows her coming to her senses and becoming an atheist to leave her BS “family values” behind.

What was that about presuming?

I thought someone said something about prejudices leading to presumptions…

I downdinged because your comments treat all folks who practice a religion in the same category as fundamentalists, per your advocacy that she “comes to her senses and becomes an atheist,” with the added implication that “family values” from a religion are bullshit.

If you mean something else, please feel free to clarify.