Outrageous Outrage of the Day: Napolitano Says 'The System Worked'

DaddyG12/28/2009 1:42:29 pm PST

re: #17 Thanos

Everyone’s in a big flap over this and how come the terrorists came so close to being successful. There are proposals and counter proposals, calls to profile, to exclude passengers of one religion etc.

None of them answer the key problem however.

Explosives of any sort should not have been able to get through two airport security checks. PETN has a chemical signature, and is detectable by bomb sniffing devices and dogs. My take is that if you don’t run all passengers headed to the US by a sniffer (either dog or device) then your airline just doesn’t get to fly here.

Dogs are natural crotch sniffers. But wouldn’t there be an objection by Muslims to dog searches?