Frank Schaeffer: The truth about the lunatic religious right in America

Jeff In Ohio1/17/2011 9:37:06 am PST

re: #14 SpaceJesus

You put your kids in accelerated classes then. Make them do honors or AP.

I find it hard to believe that someone who cannot afford a decent a private school can somehow afford tutors for advanced math, the sciences, foreign language, and music 5 days a week.

I honestly have no idea what your talking about. Who puts their 2nd and 3rd graders in AP classes? And it’s been a while since I had to take AP math and science, but it used to be based on grades, not desire. Tudors? Have you looked at math requirements for k-6th grade? They barely break algebra and don’t even touch organic chemistry or physics.

Your angry about religious based homeschooling. I get that. Unfortunately, while religion and homeschooling aren’t mutually exclusive, not all home schooling springs from a desire to inculcate monotheism in a child and making a broad accusation based on a righteous indignation of religious idiocy, which I agree with, misses why some parents are truly unsatisfied with not only early childhood education in American public schools, but the emphasis on rote learning and book science instead of development of critical thinking skills and field science in public elementary schools.