Encyclopedia of American Loons: #652: Werner Erhard

Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)8/19/2013 7:28:59 am PDT

re: #25 pittee

That is too complex and subtle a conversation for a comment section conversation or at least I do not have the writing skills to say anything succinctly that I would would represent the totality of what I might wish to express on that topic.

Can I read that as “Yes, I understand that many other things, like social pressure, non-legal penalties, propaganda, and other things can stop adults from doing things”?

What you are saying could be called “woo”.

EST. You said that all philosophy and psychology can be viewed as ‘woo’; this is incorrect. CBT, for example, cognitive behavioral therapy, can be shown in controlled studies to be effective. Likewise, applied philosophy can be shown to be more or less effective; game theory is a good example of this.