Video: FAIR President Addresses Racism Accusations

Mad Prophet Ludwig4/29/2010 9:05:10 pm PDT

re: #18 Floral Giraffe

You have the right to call these people what you choose to call them.
I am NOT denying your losses in the past.
I am trying to politely say, that we are not talking about death camps, tattoos, or trains to nowhere. I am trying to discuss securing our borders, and finding a path to integrate the immigrants, already here. Before we let any more in. I think that’s fair, to the legal immigrants here, who have spent YEARS getting legal. Why should an illegal immigrant get a free pass on the US laws?

I am not talking about that either.

I have said over and over that these folks sound exactly like the early Nazis.

Erectus walks among us - black folks are apes?


I have said that we are not in a nazi state yest. I have said that these people are using the same memes as the Nazis and many are themselves actual Nazis. Right?

They are using the same words and the same ideas. This is a nascent movement. But it is still something that the early Nazis would recognize.