Greek Golden Dawn MP Says Holocaust Fiction

EiMitch6/08/2013 9:22:00 pm PDT

I’ve been curious for a long time how someone could hate some people, wish to be rid of them, lionize those who did genocide most of them, and yet deny said genocide happened.

My best guess is that they don’t really mean it. Its just spin. They know acknowledging the holocaust means admitting teh joos were victims, not the all-powerful monsters these hater make them out to be. They mustn’t be left with no conclusion but that they themselves are the monsters.

Just like the bible thumping who need to deny evolution and pretty much all science in general just to avoid acknowledging that genesis is f***ing stupid when interpreted literally. They mustn’t be forced to conclude that citing scripture to justify one’s own opinion and politics is also stupid and meaningless.

And just like the corporate whores who need to deny us human are causing climate change. They mustn’t conclude that they’re killing everyone tomorrow just to make a buck today.

They all know they’re not fooling anyone. And they don’t care. All that matters is not admitting that they’re f***ing wrong, no matter what.

And the saddest part is, to one degree or another, on one topic or another, we are all guilty of this same general kind of mental dishonesty. We’re hardwired to rationalize rather than reason.