Victims in the shadows - The ever present scourge of Bullying

Interesting Times8/12/2011 5:34:38 pm PDT

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Didn’t you make a page like this earlier?

He did, but it got deleted. Glad it’s been restored, sans the lines that were a bit too “violency” for this site.

In any event, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that the bullies tend to win out more than the bullied later on in life.

In many cases, this is unfortunately true, but there are exceptions. Here’s a great one in the “living well is the best revenge” category:

BARBARA WALTERS: Let’s go back a bit. When you were a kid, you have described yourself as a wimp. You were the kid that they would beat up or that they would — what did they do — lower you over a ledge, an edge, or — what’s that all about?

HARRISON FORD: We had this school was built up to the height of the road above some lower-lying agricultural fields. And each day, the school’s bullies…would come, and they would drag me to the edge of the parking lot and throw me down the slope. And then I would get up, and I’d crawl back up to the top, and they’d take me and sling me off again.

BARBARA WALTERS: Why didn’t you fight back?

HARRISON FORD: Oh, because if I — because I always operated under the theory that if you — if you’re fighting with somebody…and you hit them, it was probably going to make them even madder.

BARBARA WALTERS: What a poor schnook you were.

HARRISON FORD: Oh, no…The girls loved me.

BARBARA WALTERS: Why? They don’t like the wimp.

HARRISON FORD: I was a wimp with character…I never gave up. I just never let them win, really.

I highly doubt the idiots who threw Harrison Ford off that slope are enjoying anything remotely close to his lifetime money and success :)

More examples here.