Birth Control Is Not a Women's Issue: It's a Human Right

Buck3/07/2012 7:25:46 pm PST

Believe it or not this really is about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 18 and 20 provide that one is free to practice a religion as well as have an explicit right to not act against conscience nor be forced into an association with others wherein they’d be forced to act against belief.

Remember? This was about the white men testifying that providing INSURANCE that gives out birth control is against their religion?

This has never been about a woman’s access to birth control. There is no law being suggested that women should not have access to birth control, The question is should the catholic church be forced to provide it?

Also, it seems that the price is much higher in the US. Here in Canada it is about $10 a month. So this is really about women who don’t have insurance that covers it, having to pay $10 a month. Maybe someone there can call the local Walmart and see what the price for the pill is? If it really is only $120 a year, then how long does someone have to be in Law school for them to spend $3,000?

We may not want to support the Catholic Church. We might hate their treatment of women. However, next it could be circumcision and the treatment of 5 day old Jewish boys. (This has already been attempted in San Francisco). If in the future, the government can force you to act against your religious beliefs then where will it stop?