What's Defeating the Romney/Ryan Ticket? Romney/Ryan

SidewaysQuark10/01/2012 6:48:26 am PDT

“In sum, I believe the problem is that the country as a whole — party faithful aside — doesn’t buy current Republican ideology when they understand what it means for them, that they do understand it, and that the nation disagrees with it.”

Color me a little more cynical. I think this statement is true for a large portion of the population, but for a large portion (who couldn’t articulate the difference between Dems and Repubs if they tried), I think it simply comes down to the fact the D’s have done much, much better at self-promotion and advertising (especially to the young) than the R’s, even when all actual substance is pushed aside. The R’s have simply become CLUELESS when it comes to being fundamentally personable, and it shows badly.