World Net Daily Publisher Joseph Farah Plans to Sue Esquire Magazine

William Lewis6/17/2011 11:25:20 am PDT

re: #11 ProLifeLiberal

The Chinese Government is already having issues. There is a massive riot as we speak in a city near Hong Kong which is known for making jeans. Also, the Mongols in the north rioted recently, and the Vietnamese are standing firm on the Spratly Islands. Add to that constant issues with the Tibetans and Uighur, and they may be getting strained.

The Spratly’s are the fuze to watch. If we see a major regional conflict in SEA in the next 5 - 10 years, my bet is the oil fields there will be the flash point. Between the Vietnamese & Chinese (who already hate each other with a balkans-eque ferocity and history) plus interference by the Philippines you’ve got the potential for some serious naval actions. My money would be on the Vietnamese, long term, though it might get expensive.