Marvel Comics Introducing a Muslim Girl Superhero

jamesfirecat11/06/2013 8:43:57 am PST

re: #43 SidewaysQuark

Tell me, if my idea was flipped, and it was about a non-believer converting to Islam, would you (or anyone else here) think non-belief was being “insulted”?

Weird double-standard people have here.

A kid grows up in a family that passionately speaks all the time about how people who believe in god are idiots and that only reasonable people who deny his/he/its existence are fit to be trusted with anything important leading to their daughter getting so pissed at them she decides to convert to Islam….

Yeah as an agnostic I would find that offensive since in my mind the more logical action isn’t “change your belief system because people who share it with you are idiots/jerks” it’s “be the best most enjoyable representation possible of whatever it is you believe is true.”

It’s offensive because it’s using characters to represent the worst facets of a group of people who exist, and then by having the hero decide to give up on that group entirely rather than being an internal reformist suggest that the worst facets in effect represent the entire group rather than just an extremist faction of it.