Adviser: Romney Was 'Shellshocked'

EPR-radar11/08/2012 7:07:18 pm PST

re: #30 Cap’n Magic

The Cato folks are crowing about how this election vindicates Citizens United by saying: “See? Billions spent and its pretty much the same result as the last four years!” I’d call that analysis naive at best and cynically disingeneous at its worst-had we been in the same economic and political state that the EU is in presently, coupled with a more cunning wolf-in-sheepsclothing GOP nominee it would be an entirely different outcome. We dodged a bullet this time-next time we may not be so lucky.

Even with the present economy, a more competent R candidate could have won too easily. In fact, Romney the Clown may well have won without the self-inflicted wounds of: 1) 47%, 2) Let Detroit go bankrupt, 3) Ryan pick, and 4) no ground game. That an amazing amount of pure fail.