Mississippi Gov. Refuses to Condemn KKK License Plate

Jadespring2/16/2011 10:06:02 am PST

re: #48 garhighway

The only way I see it playing out differently is if we see a repeat of 2000, where all the big GOP donors get behind one candidate very early and the rest drop out for lack of wherewithal. GWB just gobbled up all the big money and left everyone with scraps. (I remember seeing Liddy Dole on TV complaining about that.)

I could see the Kochs and their pals getting together somewhere, looking at the nightmare scenario and saying “screw it, we’ve got to shut this circus down”, and piling all their dough on someone like Romney. If that happens, it’s a horse race.

Have I ever said, even though I’m not an American, how little I’m looking forward to the next US election? I think regardless of who is involved it’s going to be the nuttiest of nuts. I’m not the least bit convinced either that Obama’s reelection is a certainty. I’m planning on checking out and following the ignorance is bliss trajectory. I don’t want to know what’s happening. :) It ends up that it works in quite well with my multi-year plan and goals and I’m working towards not being in the country or in the country next to the country at that time. I’ll be away from media and it’s constant barrage. I’ll just come back and what’s done is done.

Ah perfect bliss…. :D